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Retail Project and Management Consultants


Providing relevant and tangible advice for existing or start ups within the Retail industry.

212 Collective is a boutique Retail Project and Management consultancy group.  We specialize in supporting small to medium sized businesses within the Retail sector. With a genuine hands on, ego-free approach we will work side by side with you to define the pathway to your goals. Whether its growth, expansion, stability or consolidation, 212 Collective is the perfect partner for your business.

With a genuine passion for taking ideas from concept to the best version of their reality, our expertise has been used to review and execute start-up go to market plans, scale existing e-commerce and wholesale businesses into Brick and Mortar, review general business practices and develop revised vision for increased profit, source and develop improved supply chain relationships and establish and introduce international businesses to the American and Australian markets.

We work with Start Ups, Innovators and Entrepreneurs to fine tune their operational model. We help them generate best practice initiatives, commercial growth and scale. Where necessary assist them to pivot their business model to maintain the competitive advantage and the innovative edge.

Wanting to bring your successful business to the United States?  The 212 Collective has assisted multiple brands in navigating this very layered and complex process from start to finish. Whether you want 1 store or 100, a small distribution center or an e-commerce platform we have the resources and connections to make the transition as smooth and successful as possible.

We created the 212 collective because we wanted to be able to provide an environment where we could make face-to-face C-Level expertise, Executive Project Management and real business solutions easily accessible for small to medium businesses.




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Scope of Services


If you're looking to grow your retail portfolio or embark into your first brick and mortar store, lets chat as we have the team for you. We can facilitate the process from start to finish or play a bit part role, the choice is yours. If you're looking for site selection, design, project management or general contractors we have a network of seasoned professionals ready to assist.

Start Ups

Getting your new venture up and running can be daunting. It may be designing your initial operational structure, CAPEX allocation, commercial leasing, warehousing or distribution, legal requirements or even human resources. We have the team to help you through this process to ensure you can focus on running your business and we can take care of the rest.


Looking for some more consistent or ongoing support. Need "on call" help for an hour a week, 20 hours a week or 20 hours a month whatever the need we can design the right level of support arrangement for you. This is the perfect way to have an independent sounding board for ideas and actions just a phone/Skype call or meeting away.               

International expansion

Want to do business in the USA? It can be a very lucrative and opportunity rich move if you lay the correct foundation from the get go. Working with our team on your business introduction and rollout is the right move for your first move. We can assist in every aspect from start to finish so you can get on with doing business instead of trying to figure it out.


Got that idea but unsure what to do next? We can provide advisory support to help get that idea off paper and into action. It could be brick and mortar or e-commerce either way we can help focus your vision in the right direction to prepare you for investor pitches, landlord negotiations or simply review the mechanics of your market plan.                

Problem Solver

Feel like you're in a corner or need a second opinion? We have the scope to provide relevant and tangible solution to your business challenges. It could be a simple phone call or a project based issue, no matter what, we have the thinking and knowledge to break down your challenge and find you the solution you need.


We will find a way or make one
— Hannibal


Let's Connect.

Want to know more about how the 212 Collective can provide value to your business? Please fill in your information below and our team will be in touch within 24 hours - we love to troubleshoot but first we need a little information.

For any employment enquiries please email your resume to recruitment@the212collective.com. We’re always looking to grow the team who share our vision and to enhance 212 Collective's unique approach to customer satisfaction within the retail sector.

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