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Our story...

After 20+ years working in the Retail Sector for International businesses, Sean Hunt, Founder and  CEO, often found himself looking for project managers and C-level consultants to serve on one off and retainer basis.  He wanted to do this as a way to get that level of expertise into the multiple small-medium businesses he ran but also as an effective cost-management solution.  When looking for these people and solutions, Sean continually found that the majority of the business that provided these services were pointed to Larger scale businesses and projects and were missing that personal touch and coaching that small to medium businesses can benefit from. He felt that with the right support, start up and pre-existing businesses could use a platform like the collective to expedite their growth without blowing out wage budgets and project costs.

Sean also wanted to find a way to bring former International  executive colleagues back together so that the Collective could truly be a simple end to end solution for small to medium businesses.

From this, 212 Collective was created.  A platform for ideas, thinking, creating and problem solving. A carefully curated team, dedicated to ensuring your success in an increasingly competitive landscape.


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212 Collective know that finding the right advice is crucial to future success and this is a responsibility we do not take lightly. That’s why we offer free initial consultation to adequately assess your needs, the scope of your goals, and your budget. We believe in creating partnerships built on the back of trust, respect and mutual understanding.

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Our Leadership

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Sean Hunt

With an inherent entrepreneurial spirit, 212 Collective CEO,Sean Hunt utilizes his 20+ years experience to create growth and increased company value for your business. Known in the industry as the person to transform teams and companies, Sean is a high performing, dynamic and inspirational executive.  

With a career that started in Media sales and Management, Sean learned very early on that strategic planning and execution are critical for business success.  After over a decade in this role which included 2 years in the UK, Sean moved back to Australia to take up a role as Head of Store Development and Leasing for one of Australia's largest multi brand surf retailers.  After doubling their portfolio in under 12 months, the brand was purchased by Australias largest surf group where Sean then took on a position within the Senior Leadership team which was responsible for over 110 stores Nationwide.  Following on from this role Sean was appointed Vice President of an Australian swimwear brand where Sean lead their USA expansion. Discovering a love for establishing businesses in the USA, Sean was then appointed Executive Vice President USA of Australia’s largest women’s activewear brands and spent the next 3 years overseeing all facets of running the business independently including Brick and Mortar, Wholesale and E-commerce.  

With the ability to speak to (but not limited to) Store Operations, Contract Negotiations, Supplier Relationships, Project Management, Finance, Distribution, Wholesale/ Retail, PR, Marketing, ecommerce, HR, opening business, running a business, visual merchandising and layouts, warehouse operations, logistics. 

Sean is the guy you want to have in your corner. 

We will find a way or make one
— Hannibal

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Vice President 

Renee Pickering

Innovative, engaging and results driven. Renee is passionate about transforming businesses by focusing on customer analytics and experiences. Renee has extensive International experience working with a full range of businesses from Big Box to boutique across a wide range of departments and industries. Renee’s worked with some of the worlds biggest retail organizations and has applied her trade in the USA, Canada, UK, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa.

A focused professional in the areas of product development, effective buying strategies, overstocked and aged inventory management, visual merchandising, sales campaigns, ecommerce/B&M retail growth strategies, logistics and warehousing, operational efficiencies and best practice initiatives. 

Renee brings energy and urgency to any situation and has a contagious determination to get the best result possible; couple this with Renee’s out of the box thinking and tactical planning and this can certainly add a new dimension to problem solving and troubleshooting as well as maximizing the desired results.

Renee has a dependable reputation of being able to “get it done” making her a bankable asset to any organization, client or project.

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Dana Buchman

As a seasoned marketing and brand expert Dana has led global transformational work with top Fortune 500 brands including Apple, Disney, Mattel, and Activision for over 14 years. She is an inspiring leader known for a contagious passion for her art and a unique philosophy that challenges the status quo. She is an expert at blending the art and science of marketing, helping brands find their true voice and authentically connect with their audiences to achieve every measure of business and brand success.


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Jennifer Farrelly - SPHRca, SHRM-SCP, FPC

Jennifer is a vibrant, modern, certified senior Human Resources professional with a judicious, practical understanding of business operations and over 20 years of hands-on experience in all facets of HR. She brings to the table keen insight, skilled employment law interpretation, and the proven ability to make sound, critical decisions based on factual, immediate realities. She presents comprehensive, unbiased and fair recommendations to clients both confidently and persuasively, whilst thriving in work cultures that demand performance excellence and personal accountability.

Conferring with business owners from every industry imaginable, Jennifer is a trusted resource, sought after by small and medium sized for- profit and non-profit businesses seeking her guidance and expertise



Hana Vandermeulen

Out-of-the-box thinking Art Director and designer with over a decade of experience working at award winning agencies and top fashion brands, and a proven record for delivering results driven, innovative campaigns for print and digital media. Hana strives to always exceed client expectations to drive measurable sales and visible traffic through her creative eye. Other artistic endeavors include photography and all things fashion.