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Firm but Fair - is not a 90:10 equation

What I can't quite get my head around is the notion that business can be run without people. While tech is making great strides forward (which I love) people are still at the heart of any business. Many CEO's, Presidents, VP's etc have lost the key to unlock growth within their business. Yes, of course dig deep into where to be more profitable, find efficiencies, improve systems, cut costs and so on (that's the job) but neglecting how the people in your business are treated can lead to many things, highest on the list are disconnection, disengagement and animosity towards the business and the people in it. I'm certainly a realist and this is not all about hand holding and hugs but the leaders I respect, talk about their people as assets, not liabilities, many poor managers consistently berate, embarrass and harass employees to the point their job goes from contribution focused to a grab for a paycheck. I've always subscribed to the firm but fair Leadership style because it gives the best mix of performance - business/people. There are no free rides in business and everyone has a responsibility to pull their weight but understanding how your team ticks is your responsibility as a Leader. Only then you can get the best out of everyone.

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