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There is so much noise around online and offline retail. Who’s relevant and who’s not, what’s new and what’s not and who’s right and who’s wrong. The word “Amazon” features pretty much in every retail conversation being held either in the coffee shop or boardroom as retailer try and understand which way to move and shake. One place to start is with the customer, listen to them, look at their habits and hear what they are saying, they will help you direct the ship by their actions. Today’s customers are time poor and consumption hungry and want their retailer/brand of choice to keep pace with their habits and needs. I’m not suggesting a yoyo approach but more a closer look at how our customers are acting and transacting. Sure B&M is not the “it” flavor at the moment but there will always be a place for B&M in the customers hearts – after all who doesn’t like seeing the band live in concert rather than just downloading the song. There are so many (really good) bolt on tools for existing ecommerce and ERP’s to keep pace with what customers are wanting. Retailers can stay relevant, but it takes effort and insight and most of all understanding what your customer is doing and how and where they’re doing it. Don’t talk at them, listen to them.

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