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Gig Economy is one of the new buzz wordings being thrown around a lot of late and while certainly not a new concept it has been thrust into the limelight with the help of the rideshare and food delivery businesses, as well as a hustle hungry based population. The notion of hiring independent contractors and freelancers into your business make financial and knowledge sense. What business would not like to benefit from the expert experience of a professional in their field without the heavy cost of full time employment? As business transforms into its new form having a smart knowledge approach is the future. Business is always looking at ways to trim costs, find efficiencies while creating better performance, this is being achieved through gig economy. While I believe for certain positions this is the way forward for business it does come with some caution. Anyone can claim to have the knowledge to help your business, so I urge you to do your homework on anyone you consider bringing into your business – right experience, right fit is essential. Bringing the right contractor into your organization alongside your existing team could be the perfect catalyst for change and growth. If they’re worth their salt they will pay for themselves quickly.

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