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What's your "Ambition"?

This year I have been involved in a mentor program called "Ambition"

AMBITION is a non-profit entrepreneurial program for underserved youth in Los Angeles that fosters innovation, solution-driven thinking, confidence and positive work ethic through collaborative hands-on participation, real-world business experience and powerful, consistent connections with with successful business leaders and entrepreneurs. 

Being part of this organization has been an amazing experience and even in my short time being a mentor to these students I can see the benefits of this program taking flight. Seeing students interact with business leaders, entrepreneurs and celebrities to gain a better knowledge of what is possible is an experience I'll always cherish and be thankful for.

I became a mentor with the Ambition to give back and help students see the world as a place of opportunity, and with effort, insight, consistency and contribution you can change your life.

This year Ambition raised money to go towards a scholarship fund for students to help them afford and sustain a better education. A huge congratulation to all involved and I'm looking forward to a new year with new students as they embark on the journey to unlock their Ambition.  http://www.ambition.org/ 

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